Your Clothes May Come off

but Your Makeup Doesn’t Have To

Welcome to Wellington Permanent Makeup by Dasha M.
This is your face, you only have ONE, and you want perfect
permanent makeup!
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Consultation - FREE!
Eyebrows - $450
Microblading, Feathering (Hair Stroke), Powder Effect (Gradient), Pixels
Eyeliners - $450
Full Lips Colour - $450
Areola Repigmentation - $450
Beauty Spot - $100
Tattoo Removal (Rejuvi, no laser) - $100 per session (you'll need 3 to 5 sessions)
Touch-up (second visit is required for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips colouring) - $100
  • These prices are subject to change with prior notice.
  • Touch-up appointments will be subject to the availability of the technician's schedule. Please select the best appointment time for your touch-up as we have highly limited availability. Please note that rescheduling of the complimentary touch-up (within 4-6 weeks) cannot be guaranteed. If a rescheduled appointment does not meet the complimentary time frame, touch-up fees will apply. Yearly touch-up/color booster appointments 20% off the regular current price (for returning clients only).
  • We accept cards, cash and internet banking payments.
The benefits of our studio
Modern equipment
Unique equipment
has no analogues in New Zealand
NPM Israel
Natural results
Our work principle - makeup should remain a personal secret of its owner, not apparent or noticeable. Excellent PM is naturalness and correctness of proportions
Hypoallergenic pigments
We care about excellent quality of pigments
Certified cosmetic tattoo artist
Safety is the foremost priority for us. We guarantee that all materials for permanent makeup are sterile and disposable
40% less discomfort!
Thanks to a new generation of equipment and special anesthetic.
To be unique and beautiful is easy!
How we work:
1. Contact us to book an appointment.
2. We create the design.
3. We make permanent makeup.
4. Payment.
5. Touch up in 4-6 weeks.
You will get full free maintenance after the procedure:
  • Tattoo aftercare instructions how to save the result as long as possible.
  • Advice and consultation during healing time.
Reviews of our clients
Let's give a word to our clients:
Olga, 30 years old

I had a semi-permanent makeup done on my eyebrows and eyelids for practical reasons. It cuts time I usually spend on getting ready in the morning in half. There is an additional comfort of knowing my eyebrows wouldn't have smudged or my eyeliner run in the middle of the day. I am very happy I went to Wellington Permanent Makeup for the procedure because Dasha created a calm atmosphere and she was very confident. I am very happy with her work and would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to have the procedure done. It is well worth it.

Anna, 32 years old

The idea of permanent make up really appealed to me as I love to be made up and wouldn't think of leaving the house without my face! I've had my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips tattooed and all I have to wear is mascara. Very professional service. I would highly recommend Dasha and permanent make up to all.

Lina, 25 years old

Dasha must be absolutely THE BEST permanent make up artist in New Zealand. I have tried the rest, now I am with the best! My eyeliners, eyebrows and lip blush look stunning and I wake up every morning, look in the mirror, smile and whisper thank you Dasha. I look so beautiful and natural and don't need to apply makeup.

Our masters
Only the best specialists working in our studio.

Profile: permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo, tattoo removal

Dasha is certified Cosmetic Tattoo artist. She's completed her education and training with one of the top artists in Europe, Alla Romazanova. Colour theory and confident drawing, makeup, skin anatomy and physiology, medicine and hygiene for permanent makeup are the main areas of focus in her work. Dasha believes that quality permanent makeup is an unconditional combination of skills and knowledge used in face analysis, choices of shape, pigment shade and color, and technical execution of the procedure.
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